Thursday, April 12, 2012

TOR Combined Sites Custom Contest Ends This Month

In the memory of Mike Martinez of Mercury Art Studios, the following sites are working together to bring to the customizing community a joint customizing event:

There is an Evolutions theme, based on the game, "The Old Republic " - in order to participate, please adhere to the following rules:

Rule #1 - In order to be eligible, all entries much have some sort of "Evolutions" theme (meaning all three need to be related to TOR), with three new custom figures entered into the contest that were made solely for this event. They must be posted in the dedicated thread in the forums and be posted in the dedicated thread before the deadline, which is 11:59 PM Central Standard Time, Monday April 30, 2012.

Rule #2- You can make as many groups of figures as you want - but regardless of how many groups you create, they constitute as one entry. However, if you post your group of figures at all three sites, then you will be entered in three times for the prize pool. So it is in your benefit to post your entry into the dedicated thread at all three sites.

Rule #3 - After the end of this event, ONE GRAND PRIZE winner will be selected by a panel of judges at the Star Wars fan sites sponsoring this event. We will be as absolutely fair and unbiased as possible with this. The winning prize will be announced at the end of the contest. This item will be sent free of charge to winners within the United States . If the winner is international, shipping fees will apply.

Rule #4 - There will be THREE RUNNERS UP, which will be completely RANDOM winners. Each of these winners will get to select a prize from the "Random Winner" images below. The first runner up will get first pick from the prize pool. The second random winner will get to make the next selection, and the third winner will get what is left. These figures will be packaged and mailed free of charge in the United States , however if any random winners are international, shipping fees will apply.

Rule #5 - Staff members at any of the sponsoring sites can participate, but are not eligible to win a prize at any time.

Rule #6 - Even though there will be a grand prize winner selected for the customizer who "wows" the judges the most, the three random winners will be selected regardless of talent level - no custom is too good for this, and no custom is too bad.

Rule #7 - Have fun with it and enjoy seeing everyone's work and ideas - and remember that this is in the honor of one of our own who is no longer with us - Mike Martinez will never be forgotten by the customizing community and we are a better group for knowing him. This contest was already in the works with him running it prior to him being taken away from us and this is our little way of continuing his work.

Rule #8 - If anyone wants to donate their custom to be sold/auctioned to benefit Mike's family, please contact

The prize pool is as follows:

The winners we be announced on (or around) Monday, May 7. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced at each site, and the Random Winners will be announced separately at each site. Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread, and we look forward to seeing the custom figures submitted for this - but remember, you must create THREE NEW CUSTOMS and post them to be eligible, and if you post them at all three sites, you will be eligible as a random winner THREE TIMES!

For convenience sake, the dedicated threads at each site to this event are as follows: