Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 CLONE WAR CLONE CORRECTIONS or why is Hasbro not trying to meet consumer expectations?

Recently in Star Wars collecting circles there has been a real uproar over Hasbro's recent decision to  minimize the amount of articulation in the Clone Wars figure line.  The Clone Wars figures were Hasbro's most popular selling Star Wars line and by removing working joints at the wrists, knees, and ankles, Hasbro has taken the action out of the figure.  Hasbro made a blanket statement that expressed that children aren't concerned with articulation in their action figures, but from the perspective of this child consumer, kids are very interested in having maximum articulation in their action figures.  Especially now that I can only buy one figure with my weekly allowance after Hasbro inflated the price while at the same time massively reducing the quality of their action figures. Thankfully our fodder bin had two very articulated older versions of both Rex and Wolffe that Dad used to super articulate the 2012 Clone Wars versions of these fan favorites.  We saw some really stellar versions of these characters given the same treatment by other customizers that were a lot more impressive, but Dad just went for the quick fix on these two so he could work on some more pressing projects that he was enjoying more.

created by Darth Daddy

Dad grabbed the bucket and paladin from the 2012 Clone Wars Season 4 Captain Rex action figure.  He then opened the hole on the bottom of the bucket with a dremel so it could snap onto the neck post of a spare Rex we had from the Clone Wars episode "The Deserter" when Rex was wounded and housed in the home of Cut Lawquane until he recovered.  

The figure now has knee, ankle, and ball jointed wrists!

Dad left the blast mark on the chest.

The figure we used even had a head  for when Rex took off his bucket.  

There's nothing better than a quick fix. 

For this figure Dad boiled and popped the legs off the two Wolffe figures we had and cut off the hands off of the new 2012 Wolffe.  Dad then drilled two small holes in the end of the wrists of the figure. Then Dad popped the ball hinge wrists off the older Wolffe and inserted the pegs into the newly drilled holes.

 Dad modified the pegs of the old Wolffe figure at the hip's hinge to make them small enough to snap into the hip of the new 2012 Clone Wars Wolffe and then used a black wash to weather the legs to match the rest of the figure.


Rex and Wolffe were featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Please Hasbro correct your oversight in next year's line of action figures.