Friday, June 8, 2012

CAFN Episode 29 - Diorama Building Roundtable


Custom Action Figure News just keeps getting better and better.  We are loving this roundtable format.  It's just awesome that they are alternating their podcasts between the interview and roundtable format, because we never want the interviews to stop, but this roundtable is equally cool.  We had an absolute blast listening to Barry (R1bb1t) and Scott (Spooky Mufu) talk about the art of diorama making. There are just a ton of tips to starting your own dioramas and what you can do to make them awesome. They even had a very special guest, none other than legendary Frank D'iorio, who showed up at the end and shared his own thoughts about diorama making and gave everyone a special Celebration 6 Sneak Peek.

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