Saturday, July 28, 2012

Customizer Spotlight #21: BL4CK5H33P

It's been a long time since we did one of these posts, but it wasn't for a lack of wanting to.  Truth is the archives were deleted due to an interface change on Blogger.  We hit the edit button to update the archives and it was gone with a hit of the button.  So after a month of rebuilding the archives, we have an update.   BL4CK5H33P is a newcomer to the customizing forums, but his action figures look like the work of a veteran.  When we saw a few of his customs for sale, we jumped at the chance to purchase two of our favorite pieces of his.  These figures look great and we recommend checking out his forum thread and sales thread to see if anything calls out to you.  This customizer will be one to watch.

by BL4CK5H33P

 Dathomiri/Human Hybrid Nightbrother
 by BL4CK5H33P

BL4CK5H33P's Custom Thread: