Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lannik Bounty Hunter

Dad threw this one together on the fly today.  Originally he was just going to hang out at the kitchen table with me while I created a custom.  Next time I looked over, figures were boiling on the stove top and Dad was at it.  He sculpted hair with Apoxie Sculpt onto the head of a Clone Wars Even Piel from which he also used the hands and lower legs along with the torso, arms and upper thighs of a Discover the Force Mawhonic.  The bandana around his neck is from a G.I.Joe Tunnel Rat and the backpack is from the Vintage Dengar.  The arm band is from an Indiana Jones figure.

Lannik Bounty Hunter (WIP)
by Darth Daddy

Dad says he wants to do some more work on the braids now that the skeleton for it is dry.  All he has to do now is sculpt in the fine details.

Dad's Lannik Bounty Hunter was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.