Saturday, December 22, 2012


created by Darth Daddy

Well Dad finally finished the last Secret Santa that he had to make for the event he was coordinating at Imperial Shipyards and shipped it off to Luke Sprywalker.  Dad knew that Luke Sprywalker was on a Mandalorian kick and Dad wanted to send him a unique Mandalorian to replace the one Luke Sprywalker sent me for my Secret Santa.  Dad modified and resculpted the head of AOTC Orn Free Taa and mounted it on the body of a Legacy Rancor keeper.  Dad used the upper arms and lower legs of a Yaarna d'al' Gargan to make the arms for this figure.  Dad said he modified Yaarna's calves to look like the arms of an old Italian woman.  He used the upper legs of Yaarna for his custom as well, and attached them to a severely modified Apoxie Sculpt creation that used the lower torso of the Rancor Keeper as a base.  Dad kept the boots of the Rancor Keeper for his figure's lower legs.  The hands of the Orn Free Taa were modified so they would swivel.  By the time Dad finished the figure, I wanted it.  Dad went crazy with the picture taking on this one, so instead of posting a few pics like we normally do, Dad made a video.  We still have more Secret Santa customs that we received to post so be sure to check back later this week to see them when they are up for all to see.

The helmet was made from two helmets of a CW Heavy action figure, the top part of the Rancor Keepers weapon and the strap harness that comes with the G.I. Joe Zombie Viper.  The horns were from an AOTC Mas Amedda.

To make the shoulder armor, Dad created a skeleton from a Chewbacca waist piece that was cut into small sections dremeled down and sculpted over to get a hairy look.  He then used modified removable Mando armor of a Jango Fett to make the chest piece and stomach armor that he attched to the figure.  The soft goods Dad used were left over from the Clone Wars custom he made of Mother Talzin.

He kept all the accessories removable and included a Greedo soft goods vest as an alternate outfit for when the action figure was not all suited up.  Dad knew Luke Sprywalker sometimes made his figures with alternate looks so Dad thought it would be a fun touch. 

Dad created the jetpack with Apoxie Sculpt and a defective cast of CW Death Watch Mando jetpack that he got for free from SithHappensDad crated the jetpack so the unidentified gun could attach to the jetpack.  The missle was from the battle axe of a CW Savage Opress.  The jetpack attaches with a magnet that Dad concealed with Apoxie Sculpt under the hairy shoulder pads.

The alternate gun was from CW Heavy and the gun that attached to the jetpack was from some G.I. Joe fodder that we had. 

created by Darth Daddy

Dad's "Secret Santa Mando" video was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.