Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hyperdrive Added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

When it comes to customizing, Hyperdrive's signature "weathered and worn" soft goods are unique. He has been honing his craft for many years with no studio, only his wife's sewing room and kitchen island. It takes about a week to create each figure with great care and attention to detail. Each piece starts with an "ultra articulated" custom base figure, sanded down to remove any features that may reveal a bump or bulge from under the custom clothes. The clothes are then custom crafted to the size and shape of each figure for the best possible fit. Hyperdrive strives for maximum articulation underneath the fabric giving the figure a realistic look. Some of his favorite characters include, Kenobi, Qui Gon Jinn, Vader, Yoda, General Veers, Watto, Maul, Greedo, Jawas and Gamorreans.

Hyperdrive's soft goods work is just amazing! Once we saw his figures we knew we had to include his work amongst the other artists we have featured here on our blog. Our video museum full of talented Star Wars custom action figure artists just wouldn't have been complete without him. Hyperdrive is the guy that Hasbroshould hire to handle all the soft good clothing design on all figures going forward, but don't take our word for it, check out his custom action figures in the video below.


To see more Star Wars custom action figures created by Hyperdrive, click the link below: