Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Secret Santa Delivered. My Secret Santa Received

Got a call this morning from SithHappens and he received his Imperial Shipyards Secret Santa custom action figure package in the mail yesterday.  He said he was very pleased with what I sent.  

Dr. Saile Whitenail is a brilliant medical doctor and surgeon, but as talented as he was as a physician, he was even more well known for being a frequent patron of the local cantina.  He had a problem with mistaken identity, some well funded thugs are chasing him, and he has been on the road ever since.

"Dr. Saile Whitenail"
created by Elias

Here is the Mandalorian I received from L.E. Spry aka Luke Spywalker as my Imperial Shipyards Secret Santa gift featuring a new bucket mash up, custom rifle so he can shoulder it, a soft goods strap, removable armor, greeblied out kama and fully weathered as if he lives for a good sand storm. Spywalker also made me a small dio/stand combo in his wonderful trash to treasure style.   A really incredibly cool Secret Santa gift.  When it comes to custom action figures, they don't get any better than this.  Believe me, I've seen  a lot of customs.

 Stat tuned for an upcoming post about Dad's Secret Santa experieces.

created by Luke Sprywalker

The head is a mash-up of the newest TFU trooper helmet that was cast by Clonehead and a Jango Fett faceplate from SithHappens.