Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RebelForce Radio: "Declassified" and "Save the Clone Wars"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars reaches a climax with the trial of Ahsoka Tano in The Wrong Jedi. Wrongly accused for a crime she did not commit, Ahsoka finds herself on the verge of losing her freedom, and possibly more. What brought this once-promising Jedi padawan to such a moment of great despair? And what is the future of The Clone Wars...If any? Joining Jimmy Mac to discuss the fate of Ahsoka in this Season Five finale roundtable are RFR favorites, film director Kyle Newman (Fanboys) and Emmy-nominated artist Paul Bateman.

We're huge fans of the Clone Wars television show here at Customs for the Kid.  Clone Wars was my generation's Star Wars the same way the Original Trilogy was my dad's.  Watching the Clone Wars has been a tradition in our house ever since I was 4 years old and the show had a lot to do with the creation of this blog.  Who knows if I would have been as into Star Wars if it wasn't for my weekly dose of Star Wars.  I remember when my Dad took me to see the theatrical release in the theater.  Please do whatever you can to keep this show going.  This show was a HUGE part of my childhood and I really need to know what happened to Rex and Darth Maul.  I'm really happy with the news yesterday that there is still more to come, but I'd really like to see the show continue into the vents of Order 66.SAVE THE CLONE WARS! 

Keep sending those letters to Bob Iger...It's more important now than ever! 

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