Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Spectre Added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

This month for our "Custom I Wish I Owned" feature, we figured we'd introduce you to the army building of talented customizer The Spectre.  Not only does this customizer know how to swell his ranks with style, but he has created the coolest horde of Star Wars space pirates that we have ever seen - complete with ship.

Hailing from northeast New Jersey, The Spectre has deemed himself the President and Founder of the CSOTC (Customize Something Other Than Clones) Society.  It's cool to see what can be accomplished with the old POTF figures because with Hasbro going back to limited articulation in their Star Wars figure line, we need someone like The Spectre to give us hope that customizing won't die out with super articulated figures showing up in only limited amounts.



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