Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Customs for the Kid" Display at "Star Wars Spectacular"

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, Customs for the Kid brought their traveling museum of Star Wars custom action figures to the Star Wars Spectacular event in Woodbridge, NJ. Attendees were treated to an exhibition of Star Wars custom action figures created by talented customizing artists such as: Stronox, Sillof, Luke Sprywalker, Chewie, Wraithnine, Hangarbay94, Peakob1, SithHappens, Omar Rivera, Incom aka Mr. Black's Customs, Lucasclones, Stocos28, JACKOFTRADZE, Darth Daddy, Elias, and more.  Also on display were video tutorials that are featured on our blog as well as the entertaining Youtube cult classic show Kessel Run Review.

The display table stayed pretty packed throughout the day and brought attention to the blog's online museum of Star Wars custom action figures and the featured artists. We were really impressed with the crowd turnout, and loved the reaction of all the attendees to what we had on display. It was even cooler when our table recieved visits from Star Wars customizers darthstreams and Dave Castle aka StarWarsGeek.   StarWarsGeek even brought us a bag of his casted heads that he sells from his online store.  Hopefully we will get to take the show on the road again sometime soon.

Everything set up at our table.

Dad had his "Customs I Wish I Owned" videos playing throughout the day.

All the figures were on display with white tags displaying the names of the artists who created each figure.

Getting everything together the night before.

Setting up the display cases at home while we create all the display tags on the printer.  The "Mando" was created by Luke Sprywalker, the "Star Wars - 1942: Chuck Backer" was created by Sillof, and the "Nar Shaddaa Interceptor Patrol Vehicle" was created by Hangarbay94.  We later added Incom's "Weeguay Speeder Bike" to the display case.  We almost didn't bring it because Dad was afraid it would get damaged in transit.  I was right and it made it there and back just fine.

The "Nightsister" figures created by Darth Daddy, Peakob1, and Elias.

Orgainizing the figures we would have on display for our "Customizer Spotlight" display cases at SWS.  The "Clone Troopers" were made by Lucasclones, the "Mandalorian" was made by SithHappens, "Kelos" and the "Utai" were created by Chewie, "Vilmarh Grahrk" was created by Stronox, and “Arleil Schous” was created by JACKOFTRADZE.

We had a display case featuring "Hondo Ohnaka's Weequay Pirate Gang" created by Peakob1 and Darth Daddy.

"Shadows of the Empire" and "Clone Wars" action figures created by Peakob1.  "Mandalorian Bounty Hunter - Kel Sha'rak" and astromechs by Wraithnine.  The "Thisspiasian Jedi" was created by Omar Rivera.  The "Death Troopers" were created by Mikeys customs, Darth Daddy, Stocos28 & darthjohnboystoys.

"Dark Times K'Kruk" created by Omar Rivera.

A mix of figures on display from Darth Daddy and Elias of Customs for the Kid along with "Ziro's Droid" created by Wraithnine.

 Information was available on the "Smuggler's Gambit" Custom Action Figure Contest that we are promoting with RebelForce Radio.

Darth Daddy's "Smuggler Ship with Pop the Ewok"

 Customs for the Kid was interviewed about the blog by local media that attended the event.

I spy Star Wars customizer darthstreams on hand at the event located in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

Our Star Wars Spectacular video was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

RebelForce Radio and Customs for the Kid present...