Saturday, December 7, 2013


Dad recently picked up Marcus Starkiller's custom "Ultimate" Durge action figure for me.  The action figure was beautifully constructed by Star Wars customizer Marcus Starkiller who incorporated the best elements from all of the Durge action figures that were released by Hasbro.  I had all three of Hasbro's releases, but after seeing Marcus Starkiller's awesome creation, my three figures are all obsolete.  His action figure sports full articulation and a removable helmet featuring the detailed headsculpt from the Comic Pack release.  Durge even fit well on the speeder bike I had in my collection.  This is definitely the best version of Durge I have ever seen committed to plastic.  

Marcus Starkiller also sent along a few extra Star Wars custom action figures with this figure when it shipped.  We'll try and post those too once we have the chance to take some more photos.

created by Marcus Starkiller


Three Durge releases created by Hasbro that were used to make this figure.

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