Saturday, February 22, 2014

"BO KATAN" created by Darth Daddy & CloneCommanderJay

Bo Katan is a character that really needed to be released in action figure form.  I know we really wanted to have her here at home.  For some reason Hasbro is hesitant to release female characters in their toy line.  Bo Katan was an immediate fan favorite from The Clone Wars TV series. Unfortunately, it appears that she won't be released any time soon , if at all, even though she has a huge fan following.  Especially among the fangirls.  I wanted to get this figure posted after I read an awesome article by Teresa Delgado Lutha of the Star Wars podcast "Fangirls Going Rogue" addressing the gender divide that currently exists in the Star Wars community.  We've been advocating for Hasbro to design their toy line with fangirls in mind for a long time now on our "Customs for the Fangirls" page.  Teresa's article is a must read that I hope results in some Star Wars activism from the fans.  Hopefully one day we'll see Bo Katan on pegs, preferably in a 2-pack with Duchess Satine to make it easier to sell. Unfortunately, at this point in time, making your own is probably your only chance to have her in your Clone Wars action figure collection.

I first saw this action figure on the Facebook page of Star Wars customizer Wraithnine.  It was his friend Jay Butterworth's Bo Katan custom, and the artist was selling the figure.  Jay Butterworth aka CloneCommanderJay was new to customizing and he hadn't yet learned to tackle the issue of paint rub on the articulating joints.  He sold me the figure under the premise that I would fix the paint rub for him.  I used my Dremel to reduce the joints, added some needed sculpting to the helmet and lower torso that was absent, created a head sculpt of Bo Katan without her helmet on, and added all the necessary paint applications.

Now I didn't do the build on this figure, so you'll have to bare with me.  I will do my best to cover the recipe.  The lower legs are from the Clone Wars Death Watch Mandalorian Commando action figure, the thighs are from the Clone Wars Aurra Sing action figure but have been modified with my Dremel to remove some strapping, the torso was from an Isabet Reau action figure with sculpting on the lower part of her armor under the belt, also swapped out the belt to make it more screen accurate.

Last, I sculpted the hair and headband onto a Clone Wars Asajj Ventress action figure for Bo Katan when her helmet is off.  I used Green Stuff to make the hair so it would be durable.  I wouldn't recommend Fixit for sculpting the hair.  It is too brittle for this task.  I'm not sure what helmet was used, but Jay did the sculpting around the eyes. I did the sculpting along the bottom of the helmet.

Hope this post inspires more versions of this character in action figure form.  This collaboration was loads of fun!

created by Darth Daddy & CloneCommanderJay


This is how Bo Katan looked before Darth Daddy's minor modifications.

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