Saturday, March 29, 2014

CloneTroopr added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

CloneTroopr started customizing in 2010. He aims to make figures that either Hasbro will never make (especially characters from games, books, etc., since Disney has now forbidden Hasbro from making any EU figures), has made badly, or sell for ridiculous prices online. Since his start, CloneTroopr’s learned many techniques in customizing from his fellow customizers, practice, experience, and just plain accidents. To keep the cost low, CloneTroopr’s fond of utilizing household materials to make his figures with items such as bread ties, old pens, and otherwise recyclable plastic. CloneTroopr also loves the Knights of the Old Republic and the Old Republic video games, which is where he gets most of his customizing inspiration (he currently plays as Kavyne, Republic faction on the Harbinger server).

Here on Customs for the Kid, we recognize we haven't given enough love to the Old Republic when it comes to putting custom action figure art from these games on display, which is why we felt it was so important for us to feature CloneTroopr this month. Hope you all enjoy!

Unfortunately, although CloneTroopr has been asked on multiple occasions, he doesn’t have any plans to do commission work in the in the present or near-future because of how busy he is with work (although you never know, “the future is always in motion”).


If you really want to contact him with a commission offer, you can always reach him on Facebook:

Links to see his work on Imperial Shipyards:

*Note: There is a table of contents of his work on the first post on page one of the ISY thread

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YouTube Channel:

*Note: He has plans to make videos of his work.

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