Saturday, April 26, 2014

"BEEDO" created by Darth Daddy

This action figure creation was a pretty easy to make.  I just grabbed a super articulated Greedo action figure and dressed it up with a repainted vest of a Vintage Hoth Leia that had it's collar modified to be a bit taller and thicker with the assistance of a little Green Stuff.  With Toryn Farr being released in Wave 5 of The Black Series this June, making a Beedo will be even easier with the use of her vest instead.  Just another quick an easy custom to diversify your Jabba diorama.

Beedo is one of two identical Rodians visible in the throne room of Jabba's palace. Beedo was a Rodian bounty hunter in the employ of Jabba the Hutt. He was a member of the Tetsu Clan and a cousin of Greedo

created by Darth Daddy


Beedo in Return of the Jedi

Beedo was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.