Thursday, June 5, 2014


Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner featured Star Wars customizer JediStyle in the latest Customizing Corner over at The Star Wars Underworld.

Erik Chavez aka JediStyle not only has one of the coolest monikers in the Star Wars customizing community, as an artist, he has the creativity and skill wothy of the name. This Southern California customizer was one of the first artists that really caught my eye when I first started making my own figures and posting them the forums. I have long admired JediStyle's creative character creations, and his ability to apply paint with such beautiful contrasts and colors that REALLY make his action figures pop.  JediStyle has a great eye for color and he's one of the best painters in the Star Wars custom action figure community. I just love this customizer's imagination and his creations are a testament to how far reaching it is. There is so much to appreciate in every unique piece.  

JediStyle took some time off from the hobby about two years ago. Fortunately, he's back now and still has the ability to unhinge jaws. We talked by text last night and he just informed me that he has over 20 new customs that he hasn't posted anywhere yet due to a broken camera.  I'd love to figure out how to get a collection going so we can get this guy a camera and have him up and running again.

To see more Star Wars custom action figures created by JediStyle go to: