Sunday, February 15, 2015

"C1-10P" aka "CHOPPER" with Accessories by DARTH DADDY

So I wasn't really happy with the first custom action figure of Chopper that I made, so I took one more crack at him.  This time I used the arms from the front of the Ralph McQuarrie R2-D2 that I realized I should have used immediately after finishing my last version.  It's funny how the best piece could be right there under your nose and you still completely miss it. I inserted magnets at each end of the arm for articulation.

I also added a few extra accessories that I didn't provide the last time around. A wheel made from a recycled plastic Chinese food container, some clear styrene rod, a magnet, and some Green Stuff. Once I finished the fabrication of the wheel, I sculpted a rocket booster from Green Stuff, glue gun, that I then finished off with a few washes of sepia and red.  I really like that these simple modifications provided so much more from this Chopper compared to my last stab at it.   I just showed this figure on the last episode of The Wolpack Podcast when I appeared as a guest, so I figured I should finish him up and get him posted since he was sort of revealed already.  

Hope you all enjoy!

"C1-10P" aka "CHOPPER" 
with Accessories 
created by DARTH DADDY

Small magnets were inserted in the head to attach and articulate the arms.

A magnet was attached at the base of the figure also. 

As well as to the top of the wheel.

 I even put a magnet into the rocket booster.

I still want to make a few adjustments to the rocket booster before I'll call this one complete.


This figure was featured on The Wolfpack Podcast.