Sunday, July 5, 2015

"HOTH REBEL TROOP TRANSPORT" created by Customs for the Kid

It's been a while since we created a custom vehicle, but when Hole in the Ground Productions released casts of their "Troop Transport" we knew it would be a great addition to our Star Wars collection.  First we weathered up the cast pieces.  Then, we used some decals that we purchased on eBay to accompany the stickers that were included with our original purchase to really personalize our vehicle once it was assembled.  One decal set we bought had some beautiful designs that were created by the talented graphic designer Viper Aviator.  We also used some reproduction decals that were from the Vintage Rebel Transport to give it the finishing touches we desired. We really love the way it turned out.  It looks awesome on Elias' Hoth display shelf!

created by Customs for the Kid

Aurebesh translation on Orange Sticker: "Caution, Dangerous Magnetic Field, Keep Away"

 Movie still from "Empire Strikes Back".

Aurebesh translation: "Wampa Squadron"

Aurebesh translation on Rebel Symbol: "Echo Base"

Aurebesh translation on blue designation sticker: "Wampa Squadron Transport 0079"


Hole in the Ground Productions 

Additional stickers that were added were Vintage "Rebel Transport" vehicle replacement decals purchased from jabbas_vintagetoy_hutt:

Nothing cooler than your latest custom getting favorited on Twitter by NECA, one of the coolest toy manufacturers in the business today.  We were really flattered when they became are one of our followers.

 Our "Hoth Rebel Troop Transport" was featured on Imperial Shipyards front page.

 Our "Hoth Rebel Troop Transport" was featured on ISY's Facebook page.