Monday, April 25, 2016

"MELAS - CFTK Version #2" created by Darth Daddy

We really hate doing this, but in this next post, we will be revisiting a character that we created once before at Customs for the Kid.  We personally don't like making more than one version of the same character, unless it's when the character appears in a different outfit, or the figure specifically references another point in the character's timeline in their fictional journey spanning all available Star Wars content. Originally Elias made an action figure of this Cantina denizen, but sold his version to someone after he found a photo of Melas that showed the character wore a skirt below the waist and not pants.  

Our second version of Melas is what we have on our collection shelves today and we feel it is a bit more screen accurate than what we previously made. This time instead of using the 2001 Power of the Jedi Ketwol action figure for the base figure of Melas like Elias had, I used only Ketwol's cape and head.  On top of that, I substituted the body in my recipe for a 2010 Darth Sidious (Palpatine) (REVENGE OF THE SITH) VOTC #12 action figure. I sculpted the upper torso, as well as a hat onto the back of Ketwol's head. The hookah I assembled from an assortment of random fodder that I had laying around.  The skirt I used was also from unidentified fodder. 

I personally like the paint job on Elias' original figure much more than my own. I may have to spend an extra hour or two on this paint job one day down the line in an attempt to try to equal what Elias did on his Melas' head.  

"Melas was a Sarkan exile who traveled from planet to planet. Unlike most Sarkans, he was short, with bright blue eyes and short claws. 

Melas' exile was not due to his appearance—rather, it was due to his gregarious nature. Melas enjoyed the company of Humans and other non-Sarkans, and often ignored the complexities of Sarkan rituals when socializing with them. He was forced to leave Sarka because he violated the strict laws of Sarkan protocol on numerous occasions.

Melas greatly missed the natural beauty of his homeworld, but exile was not an insurmountable hardship. He managed to smuggle a fortune in precious metals and gems off Sarka before his exile. Melas traveled across the galaxy, sightseeing and meeting as many different alien species as possible. Naturally, he found himself in Chalmun's Cantina when he visited Tatooine. He was present in the Cantina on the fateful day Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker hired Han Solo.

Melas became fond of smoking an Esoomiangruu pipe during his exile, and was rarely seen without it."

created by Darth Daddy


"MELAS - CFTK Vesrion #1"
created by Elias