Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"TZIZVVT" created by Darth Daddy

Tzizvvt was a male Brizzit who hailed from Jandoon. Claiming to be a professor of xenoarchaeology searching for a treasure known as "The Eye of the Beyonder", he was believed to be a fugitive from the Empire named Ilna. Setting up residence inTatooine's sewers, Tzizvvt soon became a figure of derision on the planet, dismissed as a "crazy old storyteller." He had in fact collected some treasures, which he kept in his sewer-bound residence, but kept them secret from the proletarians.

The Lutrillian war veteran Solomahal was one of the few who paid attention to Tzizvvt's stories told in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina, and although he was not utterly convinced of the Brizzit's honesty, he was interested enough to inquire further. Impressed by Tzizvvt's collection, he agreed to help him search for his elusive treasure, even without up-front payment by the Brizzit.

This is a 100% sculpted action figure made with ProCreate. I used the Vintage Bespin Luke Skywalker as a base, sanded it down and sculpted on top of it. The hands are from the Vintage Ponda Baba action figure. The head was from a POTF2 4-LOM that I completely sculpted over. I actually grabbed a pair of scissors and used my own hair to create this action figure. I guess that means this creation of mine can be used as a voodoo doll.

created by Darth Daddy

 "Solomahal" created by Darth Daddy