Sunday, January 8, 2017

"JAWA with PALM LEAF FAN" created by Darth Daddy

It's always fun to add to the Jabba the Hutt display in the Star Wars showroom and this is an embellishment we have been wanting to add for a long time now.  We can't say why it took so long. It was probably because we were always busy working on some other project, but we didn't want to procrastinate any longer. We took an accessory from the Boushh Leia and sculpted a palm leaf out of ProCreate onto the end of it.  After that we just painted it green.  It is a quick and easy custom that can help you really enhance your own Jabba diorama at some point.  We're curious to see if Hasbro ever gives us this version of a Jawa down the line, but with new movie releases coming ever year, it isn't very likely.

created by Darth Daddy