Sunday, July 9, 2017

Clone Wars "Shadow Warrior" Padmé Amidala created by Darth Daddy

Many would agree that collectors just didn't get as many versions of Padmé Amidala in the Clone Wars action figure line as we all would have liked.  Here at home we have been toying around with the idea of addressing that shortfall, so we recently made a mold of the first Padme Amidala action figure that we got in the toy line and made a mold of the head.  After, we poured a few resin casts from the mold we created, and wallah, a limitless supply of Padmé heads we could turn into any version of her from the show that we desired.

For our first run at the character, we went for the low hanging fruit.  With us covering "Shadow Warrior" this week for our YouTube show "Customizing The Clone Wars", we jumped at the chance at making Padmé in the Naboo garb that we saw her wear in "The Phantom Menace".  We painted up one of the head casts we made, and then used the figures Hasbro has already produced as a frame to add our painted head to.  We weren't sure if we liked the body of the Phantom Menace figure better, or the 2012 version that came out more recently. Let us know your preference in the comment section below!

The Clone Wars
"Shadow Warrior" Padmé Amidala  
created by Darth Daddy