Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beginning: Defect Becomes Child Favorite


The art of making customs started sometime last year when we ordered a Ahsoka Tano from Tunghori's Star Wars Army Store ( on ebay. We were pretty excited when the little green package arrived in our mailbox. That is until we opened the cardboard box and saw the action figure was missing her signature white face paint. Fortunately, my dad had found an Ahsoka that very day at our local Target. So he grabbed some old model paints he had bought a few years earlier to customize my GeoTrax train set (he never got around to painting it) and Arianna was born, complete with her own custom Jedi Starfighter. Now I use her in just about every story I create. Her history spans all the way from the days just before the Clone Wars straight through to becoming a member on Luke's Jedi Council.


Arianna and her custom Jedi Starfighter. I chose R2-KT as Arianna's astromech droid & co-pilot after hearing the story of Katie Johnson. I turn 7 this year and Katie Johnson's story inspired me to make her a big part of my Star War's adventures.

Since then, my dad has made me lots of customs figures and started army building for me too. Our new blog will showcase what we've made so far and some customs made by other artists that we picked up along the way. We'll try and provide you with some links to these talented artists in case you want to get some of their customs for your own and Dad will give you some tips to those of you who are just starting out. Dad says he's just a beginner himself so don't expect much, but his customs are good enough for me.

Arianna Updated
created by Darth Daddy