Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned

To all our readers,

We have now added a new page to our blog titled, "Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned." After receiving all of your messages, we have come to the conclusion that our blog is turning into a popular place for customizing artists to see other artists that are out there and what they are working on. When the site was created, we had no idea it would have become so successful. Lately, we have come to the conclusion that pretty soon my small collection of custom action figures won't be enough to keep the "Customizer's Spotlight" going forever. Dad's pockets just aren't that deep. Lol.

(cough, cough...donations welcome...)

As a solution, since we aren't "seriously" expecting any donations, we are starting the "Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned" page to fill the void when our "Customizer's Spotlight" posts start to wear thin. Don't worry, we still have plenty more artists to come, and we just received two boxes of fodder so we can keep cranking out some more of our own.

Hopefully, we can keep the posts coming and this new page will just be seen as an awesome addition to what is already here.

Regardless, in this new section that we are creating, we will showcase custom action figures that are
NOT in my collection. This new page will be a great place to find awesome custom artists that we aren't able to showcase in "Customizer's Spotlight" because their work hasn't found their way into my collection yet. Believe me, it isn't because I wouldn't want these incredible action figures. It will also be a place where you can find action figures made by individuals that we do have featured in "Customizer's Spotlight", but again these figures are ones that sadly are NOT in my collection. We will still be providing links to see more of these artist's work than what you see here, and we will provide you ways to obtain their customs if they have any for sale.

Check the page often. Updates will happen frequently, but since it isn't a post, you won't be notified when it happens.

Custom Artists that have already participated include: Justin Cook (aka Yak_Chewie), Luke Sprywalker, Stormforce Customs, Dan of the Dead, Tokiravensky, and Mercury Art Studios.

Feel free to send us links or pictures of your action figures to if you wish for them to be considered.

Hope you enjoy!!