Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Customs I Wish I Owned" ADDITIONS!!

The customizers keep rollin' in for the "Customs I Wish I Owned" page. New additions to the page are darknsour, Stronox and Darth Kikinou.

Richard Mingoia a.k.a darknsour

This 46 year old father from New Rochelle, NY has been customizing for a few years. He belongs to other customizing site's like Yakface, rebelscum, ffurg, and banthaskull.

He too does customs with his son who is 10. His son tells him what he likes and what he thinks is cool and he tries to make it for him!

He's old enough to say that he saw a New Hope in the movies when it 1st hit in 1977 when he was just shy of his 13th birthday!!

He loves to customize Clones and Mando's the most but also loves doing Jedi also.

He loves making customs out of leftover parts!! As you can see from his post's.


Here is a link to see more from darknsour:



Stronox is a 33 year old nurse from Pennsylvania. When he isn't parenting, he's either customizing figures, drawing, painting, reading, collecting toys, or gaming.


You can get to the blog for Stronox by clicking the link below:

You can see more Stronox by clicking the link below:


Darth Kikinou

Darth Kikinou is not only a customizer, but he is also the creator of a hub for photo novel creators to show off their Star Wars custom action figures and dioramas. On his site you can find links to his gallery and recipes for the custom action figures too.

Darth Kikinou