Sunday, December 19, 2010

Darth Daddy's "Vanessa" Action Figure - VIDEO POST

Usually posts for Dad's action figures are composed of a few pictures and a short write up about the figure being posted. This time we wanted to try a little something different. This action figure that Dad named "Vanessa" was created to resemble his cousin and started off as only a SNEAK PEAK posted earlier this week. We hope this follow up video illustrates how much the figure was worth the wait.

This video that we created highlights this new action figure from her "SNEAK PEAK" picture, through her early stages of production just before her torso reduction modification, all the way to ending photos showing her current look upon her completion. If you look at her waist you can see where the transition takes place from WIP to completion.

She was made from a dremeled Stass Allie head, the upper torso of Leia in Boush Disguise, the legs of a Clone Wars Aura Sing, and the arms of an unknown Jedi. The hair was made from a modified Pirates of the Caribbean Davey Jones hand.

Please enjoy the music.