Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rebel Bombay

Dad's new custom action figure is a former bounty hunter who quite some time ago joined the Rebel Alliance. Known only to others by the name of Rebel Bombay everyone will agree he's the one fighter you want on your team. Yes, he's a cunning and skilled fighter, but more notable than any other asset that he possesses, what stands out most about him is his ability to always have good luck on his side. He has the uncanny ability to always beat the odds, no matter how unlikely they may be. He once took out an entire Empire base by himself with only his blasters and a few well placed thermal detonators prompting him being given the title Tiger of the Desert. He was also well known for his swagger and charm.

Rebel Bombay

He was created from the body of the Vintage Boba Fett and the head of an Indiana Jones Temple Thug action figure that was then custom painted.

Rebel Bombay wears Mandalorian armor, but he'll be quick to tell you he's no Mandalorian. He's very open about letting everyone know that he killed the Mandalorian who wore it.

Rebel Bombay was on Tatooine trading with the Jawas just before the Jawas went to Uncle Owen's moisture farm. He was one of the last people to see the Jawas alive.

Rebel Bombay has two cybernetic eyes.