Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dad Makes Me a Jan Ors

Happy New Year everybody!! For our first post of 2011, we are going to show a custom action figure Dad made of Jan Ors. A lot of other customizers have made her, and the reason why they have is because you can't really enjoy playing with the Hasbro versions of Kyle Katarn if you don't have a Jan Ors by his side.


Jan Ors was an Alderaanian intelligence operative who began her work as an agent for the terrorist organization Justice Action Network. As the undercover agent Jan Strange, she then shifted to helping the Alliance to Restore the Republic, becoming one of their trusted operatives.

Ors was instrumental in recruiting Kyle Katarn to the Alliance and together they worked on many missions for the Alliance and later the New Republic. The two would later become romantically involved. Ors continued her work for the New Republic by joining Alpha Blue, a secret intelligence organization, that she eventually took over from Hiram Drayson. There she worked for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances against the Yuuzhan Vong.


When Dad made his Jan Ors, he didn't try to make her look exactly the way she did in the comics, replicating every detail and piece of clothing, but rather tried to capture the essence of who she was. Anyway, here she is.

Unfortunately, I can't account for every piece used in this action figure. I know the head is a Bultar Swan from the Comic pack, the legs are from a Han Solo action figure although I'm not sure which one, the weapon is a welding torch from a POTF Chewbacca, and the goggles I think came from a G.I. Joe action figure. The torso and arms we grabbed from our fodder bag, and it's actually my favorite piece of the action figure. Anyone who can identify it I'd really like to know who it's from, too.



  1. This is very awesome. I can pick our a few of the parts, but a recipe for this would be great. And some closeups of that weapon.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Hey guys, happy new year to you as well! Jan looks very nice, totally different from what I remember from the JK games.

    Keep up the great work with your blogs, you guys have found a great way to unite all of our creative brothers and sisters!

  3. This is ridiculously good!


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