Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Another action figure Dad was dying to revisit was the Vixey action figure that he had created for me. When Dad first made me a Vixey action figure it was only the third custom action figure he ever made. At the time, he thought it would be his last because he didn't foresee any other custom action figures in his future.

If he only knew.

Now that he has made as many custom action figures as he has, he has further developed his knowledge and skill set when making me new toys. For instance, he now started to use Apoxie Sculpt made by Aves.

Apoxie Sculpt is a 2-part product that has a putty-like, smooth consistency, and it's easy to mix & use. It is safe and also waterproof with 0% shrinkage/cracking! Working time is 2-3 hrs and it cures hard in 24 hrs. with a semi-gloss finish. It adheres to plastic, resin kits, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, polymers, foam, fiberglass, & more! It can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, tapped, drilled, carved, lathed, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or flaking!

Dad knew this was just the thing he would need to improve Vixey for me. When he first made her she was lacking many features that would show people that she was a female. She also lost some of the texture in her hair during the reshaping process Dad had to do to make her fit the body. Dad still thinks the head is too large, but only slightly.


Vixey was a fan fiction character that I created and she is one of my favorites, so Dad spent last weekend bringing his action figure closer to what I had envisioned her to be. For starters, I wanted Vixey to have boobs. Dad kept telling me that foxes don't have boobs, but I said Vixey did and I wanted them on my figure. I also always drew Vixey with a long braid. So Dad has used the Apoxie Sculpt to add boobs, a braid and texture back to her hair with Apoxie Sculpt.

So here she is the new Vixey!