Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hangarbay94 aka julianmaurice ADDED TO "CUSTOMS I WISH I OWNED"

Julian AKA Hangarbay94 is an avid Star Wars fan who has made a name for himself by customising vehicles and creating photo novels.

His work is featured on Yakface and Imperial Shipyards where he is also one of the moderators. His latest project a graphic novelization of the classic PC game X-Wing Alliance features a mixture of his custom figures, dioramas and vehicles as well as creative artwork produced using Adobe Photoshop. Julian is self taught and admits to being heavily influenced by Yak Chewie and other contemporary photo novelists.

Amongst his more notable custom projects Julian specialises in making flat pack and easy to store dioramas, including a large scale (fold away), LED lit Endor Landing Platform a huge flat pack Death Star Hangar and a Calamari Cruiser Hangar bay.

Julian has also produced a movie novel called Darkchild, which he admits to being a little more than he could chew and sadly the project remains unfinished at chapter 3.

Every time I see his work, Dad and I just sit there and wonder how he finds time to do it all and to the levels that he accomplishes. He's just phenomenal and raises the bar for the whole customizing community. You just have to watch this video.



You'll find Julian's X-Wing graphic novel at and his Darkchild series on his Youtube Channel


  1. Thanks for including my work on your blog. I had no idea I'd created so much!

    It's great seeing it all.

    Thanks Dad!

  2. Darkchild is just amazing. I hope to see past Chapter 3.


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