Sunday, April 10, 2011


Before Oola, Jabba had quite a few dancers pass through his doors. These two dancers were by far his favorites. Togruta "Luv Li" and Clawdite "Mira Ya" were well known throughout the galaxy before finding their way to Jabba's Palace.

Luv Li was kidnapped as a young Togruta for her unique markings and sold on the black market in hopes that she would sell for a high price in the seedier edges of the galaxy. She quickly found her way to the home of the powerful aristocrat Prince Xizor. She was known to be one of his prized possessions. Her beauty was well known throughout the entire galaxy and she danced at all his most prestigious events. She was acquired by Jabba when Xizor was believed to be killed aboard the Faleen's Fist when Vader ordered the ship destroyed.

Mira Ya was no slave. In fact she was probably the most famous dancer of her day and was paid a considerable fortune for her performances at Jabba's Palace. While not appealing to the eye in her original form, she was well known for her mesmerizing dances and her ability to take any form while she danced. Mira Ya quickly became a household name and she had a long career performing in front of sold out crowds. She used her shape shifting ability to seduce and she was unmatched in that endeavor . Toward the end of her career, she did not have the draw she once did in her younger years, but still could still draw a sizable ticket price in the right circles.

Unfortunately both dancers were killed in crossfire as a result of a petty argument between two local thugs who were quickly fed to Jabba's rancor for their insolence.


The Clawdite dancer Mira Ya was made from a Slave Leia and a Zam Wesell Clawdite head. The hair was from a POTF2 Greeata.

Luv Li was created from a Slave Leia and a CW Shaak Ti.

These action figures were featured on Kessel Run Review in a skit with Dengar.