Monday, April 4, 2011


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JACKOFTRADZE is a professional Toy Designer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years designing real toy products! He has been a very committed 1/18th scale Star Wars collector since 1991! He collected when no one cared about Star Wars and has been with the line ever since. He recently created a blog and as you read his blog you get the unique perspective of a Toy Designer and a Collector. He has been an active eBay member for over 10 years and for over 4 of those years he has been creating custom figures to enhance his collection. He has a lot of cool customs and insights to share that I think you will enjoy.
The first three custom action figures we ever bought were from this great artist. It was his action figures and blog that inspired the "Customs for the Kid" blog and gave me the thought to ask Dad to make custom action figures for me.


Click the graphics below to check out JACKOFTRADZE's blog & his auctions on Ebay.

JACKOFTRADZE Custom Star Wars Action Figures


  1. Wow, I am humbled and honored by this video! The time you spent to make this and the quality of it is really great my friend! There is nothing I can say but thank you! Your blog is kicking butt (I need to get back on track with mine, I need some of your energy!)

  2. Check out the podcast. We gave you a shout out :)


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