Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kaink: Ewok Priestess

Kaink was the Ewok priestess. She served as the guardian of the Soul Trees, and the village legend-keeper. She lived several miles away from the village where the Warrick family lived, leading a life of solitude and oneness with nature. Kaink carried a magical staff with a crystal on top. Kaink used her staff to emit a beam of mystical force when necessary, or at other times, to hypnotize animals. She accompanied the Ewok warriors on their mission to save Mace and Cindel Towani's parents.

It's unknown whether Kaink assisted Wicket and the other Ewoks in helping the Rebellion to defeat the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Endor.

To read more about Kaink visit Wookieepedia.


Dad tailored up an old sock that had no match to make the dress for Kaink and then painted the cloth the shade that he wanted.

Dad and I walked through the woods to find the perfect two sticks to use for the magical staff of Kaink. Dad wanted to make one green crystal staff and one white crystal staff.

He sculpted the jewelry out of Apoxy Sculpt and then painted it. He may use thread instead, but he hasn't decided yet.

Kaink with the white crystal staff.

Dad used real crystals in both of the staves.

The feather came from a G.I. Joe Zartan action figure.
(The Zartan that came with a falcon.)

Dad hated Hasbro's version of the figure and felt that it was ridiculous that they did not include any of Kaink's accessories. Dad made all the modifications to this figure so that the Hasbro action figure was not disturbed in any way but was properly accessorized.

Before I was born, Dad worked in the Education Department of a Native American museum. He taught me how to attach the crystal to the staff using earth skills that the human race has passed down from generation to generation.

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