Friday, May 13, 2011

Slayer Design Studio

Dad just found a really cool website where he bought 12 custom made action figure heads. The website sells unique parts for making custom action figures and dioramas. Dad was so impressed with the sculpts and casts that he wanted to pass the website on to our readers knowing that a large percentage of you are customizers as well. No sense keeping our tricks of the trade a secret when they make customizing more fun.

Jose, Ben, DW, and Dave, are all long time fans of the hobby of customizing. They all do custom work and all share a passion for the hobby, the art and the toys. So what better way to share their ideas and their remakes of classic characters then having a store that offers their wares. The team strives to bring the most detailed sculpts and cast work to the community at the best price they can. Slayer Design Studio always strives to make customizing more fun. Their goal is to make the coolest sculpts, both in parts and in full figure model kits. Their team gets bigger all the time with customizers who share their goal, and love what they do.

If this is your first time visiting the Slayer Design Studio website, you will need to know how things work.

Guideline on How the System Works:

-New Pre-Order's are given a number. The current PO-10 started on Monday March 21.

-The "Order Phase" will last 4 complete weeks.

-The "Production Phase" will start, this will take 3 complete weeks.

-The "Shipping Phase" then starts and can take up to 2 more weeks to finish. Orders are shipped in the order they were received.

-In the second week of production (Every 6 weeks) The next Pre-Order is listed and starts its "Order Phase".

Your items can take up to 9 weeks before they are in hand. Slayer Design Studio understands that it seems like a long time, but it's the only way they can run a fan based business with having other jobs and a family.

To visit Slayer Design Studio click the image below: