Monday, May 2, 2011


Here are two very easy action figures made from some spare parts that we had laying around the house. These two figures are ideal first custom action figures for a beginner customizer. The first is a simple head swap with a Padawan braid and pony tail glued onto the head and then finished off with only a quick paint application for the hair. It was made with a Zett Jukassa body and the carded Clone Wars Boba Fett head. I think the braid and ponytail came from an AOTC Anakin Skywalker head we had floating around, but we're not sure which one it was. With all the custom Jedi action figures we have made so far, we figured it would be cool to have an extra Padawan or two to keep them company.


The articulation is pretty terrible, but he is a great background piece.

The second custom action figure required hardly any paint at all. We just used an Clone Wars Embo body and a Greedo head and hands to make this Rodian Crime Boss. We cut and glued the Greedo head peg to the Embo body and Dad made a gauntlet out of a holster we had in our fodder with some plastic detailing glued to it for his left arm. Then Dad painted the gauntlets silver to match one another. A simple 3 minute paint job and you get a brand new figure. We pretend the Rodian Crime Boss is even more powerful than Jabba the Hutt and use him whenever we want to have turf wars between rival organized crime rings on Tatooine. Both action figures should take less than a half hour to make and can really diversify your collection.