Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to "Make Any Action Figure in Carbonite" Tutorial: PART ONE


Create a Wookielover1138 Contest

Darthy Daddy's
"Wookielover1338 in Carbonite"

Work In Progress:

Since this photograph was taken, Jenn's left hand has been repositioned into a pose Dad preferred more.

This is how Dad is turning Jenn into "Wookielover1338 in Carbonite" for the latest Imperial Shipyards contest.

He traced and then cut plastic pieces from a plastic Chinese food container and turned them into the top and side panels of the carbonite block. He used his Han Solo in Carbonite as a template to trace the panels out so they turned out the right size. He then fastened the panels together with Apoxie Sculpt. Dad cut a silhouette of Jenn into the top panel. As a template he used a custom Wookielover1138 action figure created from the body of a CW Padme in Adventure Gear with the head of a Marion Ravenwood. He laid the action figure in his desired pose and traced around the action figure with a marker. So Dad then placed the action figure in the center of the cut out in the top panel and fastened the action figure in place with the Apoxie Sculpt. He finished today's work with priming the top panel with some grey paint.

Next Dad has to do all the sculpting on the side panels, sand and smooth out the top with more Apoxie Sculpt and then do all the painting to finish it up.

This is a technique that could be used with any action figure.

How to "Make Any Action Figure in Carbonite" Tutorial:


If you read our blog, we are sure you all know of Wookielover1138 and her very cool show the Kessel Run Review. We can't even begin to say how great she has been for the customizing community and the Star Wars collecting hobby in general. All entrants will have from now till the end of June to create their version of their very own Jenn action figure. We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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