Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After Dad finished making me the Gamorrean Gladiator he decided that to get the most use of my Geonosian Battle Arena playset, he should make me a few gladiators to really get the games going. Unfortunately, the figures are all work in progress figures, but a few look good enough to show what we have so far. Hopefully we can show you all the finished pictures when he's done. In the meantime check out what he's got.


Dad feels close to finished on this one. He just wants to add facial hair with Apoxie Sculpt so he looks less like the Even Piell action figure that he came from.


This action figure just needs some detailing on the paint applications finished up and Dad needs to take pictures that illustrate how the top part of the figure separates to become a flying vehicle and tank.

This character was nothing but a torso after his last battle in the arena. This droid has been fused with numerous gladiators throughout its history. Anytime a gladiator loses a leg or two in battle, it's very likely that you will see them appearing as Tank at a future event. Geonosians get their moneys worth from their gladiators.

The Tank's side guns are removable.

Tank can get airborne when he launches of his tread base.


Only a few little touch-ups are needed to finish this one up.