Tuesday, August 16, 2011


At the beginning of this year we saw a lot of customizers taking advantage of combining the Vintage Gamorrean Guard with Marvel Universe Series 3 World War Hulk Action Figure. Both JACKOFTRADZE and Von Reinhardt put out variations on the figure and we know there were several more customizers who tackled the project also. When we saw fellow customizers results, we knew we wanted one too.

Knowing that the Vintage Ga
morrean Guard was hard to come by this year, Dad didn't have the heart to cannibalize the figure to make his custom Gamorrean Gladiator action figure. He did have the heart to use parts from the POTF version though. Dad cut off the head of the figure and used the Dremel to make a hole in the head to make it ball jointed. All he had to do from there was paint the head to match the body.

created by Darth Daddy

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His first time in the arena, this gladiator is about to earn his first battle scars.

If he lives that is...

Dad painted the back of the action figure's head with a chainmail colored paint to make his headwear appear metallic.

I bet you Marvel collectors are hating us Star Wars customizers for the reduced number of World War Hulk figures on the pegs.

Guess he's going to have to wait until his next challenge to earn those scars.


Rancor Slayer created by Von Reinhardt.

Rancor Slayer created by JACKOFTRADZE.

The first Gamorrean Gladiator custom action figure I ever saw was created by customizer Dan Curto which also used the head of a POTF Gamorrean Guard action figure with the body of an EXTREME SOLDIERS action figure.


Dad's "Gamorrean Gladiator" featured in Echo Base News' "Customizer Spotlight!"

Dad's "Gamorrean Gladiator" featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.