Sunday, August 7, 2011


When Luke Sprywalker announced the Custom Sith Competition over at Imperial Shipyards this month, Dad felt it was the perfect time to pay tribute to Mike Martinez of Mercury Art Studios. For those of you who are interested in participating, the contest begins August 1 and ends August 31 at 12PM EST. It has to be an all new custom made by you and not posted anywhere before. Feel free to use any 3 3/4 inch figure line you like. One entry per person and you do have to be a member over at the Yards. You may submit 5 photos in your post that must state "this is my entry". The photo's can not have any photo shop elements in them that alters your figure. Also feel free to make a small base or customize a small stand but don't allow it to grow into a diorama. If you want to show WIP pics as you go post them in this thread for motivation and discussing ideas. The day that the contest ends there will be a voting thread created and members can vote for 1 week as to their favorite creation. In the event of a tie we will create a tie breaker voting thread. The prize this time is the great feeling we all get when we complete a custom. Also don't forget bragging rights and being held in higher regard among such esteemed colleagues.

Dad will be donating his MANDALORIAN SITH entry the Mercury Art Studios Auction and the proceeds will be given to the family of Mike Martinez. Mike always created the coolest and most unique Sith custom action figures. He is known in our house as the Sith master. Dad thought of Mike when he created this action figure and tried to create a Sith custom action figure that he never saw anyone make before.

Dad created this action figure from the old (head) and the new (forearms) Jodo Kast action figures, a Boba Fett (torso), and a Lord Maleval (everything else). He cut in half and removed the chest armor from the Boba Fett and dremmeled the torso until the chest and abdomen were only as thin as the armor. He then dremmeled the front chest and abdomen of the Lord Maleval action figure and then fused Boba Fett's chest armor to the Lord Maleval with Apoxie Sculpt. Then Dad painted the action figure in colors that he saw in a Mandalorian Sith drawing that some new friends showed him on The Forcebook.

If you are interested in owning this figure, look soon in this post for a link where you will be able to go to the link where you will be able to bid on this action figure on ebay. Dad is going to start the bidding high so Mike's family gets the assistance they need. Dad worked about ten hours on this action figure, so whoever wins it will definitely be getting their moneys worth. Dad never sells the figures that he creates so this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only will the buyer be getting one cool toy (piece of art), but the money will be used for a good cause.

Best of luck everyone!!

created by Darth Daddy

It's said that he had the personality of an assassin droid.


Sponsored by Imperial Shipyards

created by Darth Daddy

MANDALORIAN SITH featured on the Front Page of Imperial Shipyards.

"MANDALORIAN SITH" featured on Ed Johnson Presents: STAR WARS The Clone Chronicles (Webcomics & SW News)

"MANDALORIAN SITH" featured on Echo Base News "Customizer Spotlight!"

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