Sunday, September 25, 2011


This Geonosian Jedi is a quick custom action figure that I made that required very little paint work, and just a small amount of accessorizing to complete. I used the skirt of a Clone Wars Eeth Koth, the Geonosian drone action figure from the exclusive Target 2-pack, the Jedi Robe from a CW Shaak Ti action figure, and the hilts of a G.I. Joe Storm Shadow action figure. I only had to paint the jewel blue on the waist covering of the Geonosian. Dad carved the bottom of the lightsaber blades with an Exacto knife so they slid in and out of the hilts with ease.


A Geonosian Jedi?!  Don't Geonosians hate the Jedi?!  Well this guy is the exception.  Strong in the Force was he.  So strong he was able to control the Hive mind and even had the ability to sway the Queen Geonosian, Karina the Great.   Knowing his Force abilities were a threat to her throne, and aware she needed to get him far from Geonosis, this Jedi joined the Order at a youngling's age when Karina shipped him off world to die long before the start of the Clone Wars, and he was discovered by a Jedi Knight who later became his Master.  A survivor of Order 66, he returned to his people and facilitated the Geonosian alliance with the Rebellion.  He was later killed during the Subjugation of Geonosis by none other than Darth Vader himself, but not before the Geonosian Jedi was able to get critical information out to the Rebel Alliance with a way to destroy the first Death Star.  Vader always considered the Jedi to be one of his most difficult, if not THE most difficult, of his opponents due to his unique lightsaber fighting technique and powerful mind control abilities. 

created by Elias

I love these lightsaber hilts attached with a chain, because the type of battle action that could be incorporated into play with its design.

The hilts can still be used as a weapon even when the lightsabers are not ignited.

The hilts attach and can be worn over the shoulder like a bandoleer.

SITHHAPPENS has started a "CUSTOMIZER OF THE WEEK" post over at his SANITARIUM CUSTOMS blog and I was super honored to be the first customizer featured.

My Geonosian Jedi was featured on the front page of IMPERIAL SHIPYARDS.