Sunday, September 4, 2011


TK-9849, the poster boy for Action Figure Empire, official mascot, and founding member, started collecting action figures as a young kid. He was turned on to the world of pop culture, sci-fi, and all things nerdy by his father who also worked for many companies including Lucasfilm, Marvel, DC, Jurassic Park, Warner Brothers, Visa, Exxon, Shell, Goosebumps, Ghostbusters, Hasbro, Mattel, and many other licensing companies, creating toys, sculptures, artwork, and holograms. Together they collected movies, comic books, and of course action figures. For TK-9849 collecting, especially toys and comics, has always been a joyful experience and one that brought him closer to his father. To be a collector is another way to be a serious and dedicated fan of a franchise, story, or toy line. Having studied art in College, TK-9849 started to apply his imagination, combined with his creativity, to his collection of Star Wars action figures (having spent thousands of dollars in amassing it), and thus creates kit-bash/part-swap custom creations. The fun is in the challenge of not painting anything, nor permanently altering anything. All items are removed and the figures are returned to their original states after photographing each custom creation. He has also been known to branch out into charity work for young collectors in need. He pioneered the Toys For Eli Toy Drive (with the help of Darth Daddy, Tamer, ISY, Rebelscum, Yakface, and many more) to bring hundreds of Star Wars toys to a young fan in a difficult situation. Nothing compares to the giddy rush that comes from scoring some new figures, opening them and posing them, photographing them and reviewing them on the Action Figure Empire Blog, and then using their pieces for future custom figure projects!"


"Plastic is a way of life" --TK-9849

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