Friday, December 23, 2011


Ever since we started creating custom Star Wars action figures, we have been participating in the Secret Santa exchange that is held every year over at Not only is it a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas, but it is also a great way for customizers to acquire each others works of art. This year our Secret Santa was none other than talented customizer Darth Phantom from Germany and he sent us some super cool action figures this year.

So what's the deal with this event, and how does it work?

Well if you wanted to get involved, you must have been a registered forum member prior to September 1, 2011 to be eligible. They do not want to risk anyone signing up for this just to get a free custom from another forum member and not fulfill their end of the deal. In early October, 2011 we were contacted via email with the information of another Yakface forum member who was also participating. Then we made a custom figure for that person and mailed it to them in time for Christmas. The deadline to sign up was 11:59 AM CST, on October 1, 2011. So obviously the ship has sailed if you wanted to get involved, but hopefully this post will be an incentive for you all to become forum members if you aren't already so you all can participate next year.

created by

Our favorite in the bunch is this Jedi created by Darth Phantom.

His beard reminded us a lot of Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth.

This Hoth Han Solo created by Darth Phantom is super cool.

I love the knife attached to right arm of this 501st Clone trooper created by Darth Phantom.

He'll fit in great with my army of 501st troopers.


created by DARTH DADDY

Hoth Rebel Soldier

A good portion of this figure was created using the body of the CW Plo Koon in Snow Gear action figure and the head we obtained through Slayer Design Studios.


Jedi Knight

The head was from a VOTC Endor Rebel Soldier that had hair from a G.I. Joe Doctor action figure. The hair was modified with Apoxie Sculpt.

The beard was also done with Apoxie Sculpt.


Mara Jade in Imperial Officer uniform.

When Dad created this action figure he used the body of Juno Eclipse and the head of a Dark Woman that he repainted to look like a young Mara Jade in a Imperial uniform. Dad knew that the ranking probably wasn't at all accurate, but considering she sometimes wore disguises to eliminate vocal adversaries within the Empire, Dad figured it wasn't too big a stretch.


Here are some of the previous Secret Santa entries from prior years.

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