Monday, April 16, 2012

Mechanic Ahsoka Tano with R7-A7

Dad has been wanting to create an Ahsoka Tano with her mechanic look from the Mortis trilogy. Dad kept putting off finishing this figure for a while now because he thought he was going to have to sculpt the goggles. One night he was talking with customizer Peakob1 when Chad suggested that Dad use the goggles of Hondo Ohnaka. The goggles worked splendidly. Dad used an Exacto knife to cut two incisions on each side of Ahsoka's head that would hold the goggles in place and at the same time make them so they could be moved up and down either over Ahsoka's eyes or placed onto her forehead. A black wash was used to give her an oily appearance. Dad repainted R7-A7's grey parts white a ways back and figured this would be the best day to put him on display. Dad gave him a cleaner look for now, but may weather the head a bit later in time.

Mechanic Ahsoka Tano with R7-A7
by Darth Daddy

Dad likes to post these easy to create custom action figures for beginner customizers. This version of Ahsoka requires little to do and can be a great figure for a first attempt at customizing.


Dad's Ahsoka Tano and R7-A7 were featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.
of Imperial Shipyards.