Saturday, May 5, 2012

CAFN Episode 27 - Lucasclones Interview


Lucasclones, Luke Sprywalker and Tamer gave us a great little teaser for the Lucasclones interview on Custom Action Figure News this week where our own Darth Daddy assisted Tamer in interviewing Lucasclones about starting Custom Action Figure News, his own custom action figures, his Youtube videos, selling art on ebay, and the start of his new blog.


Lucasclones is a customizer of mostly custom Star Wars clone and Mandalorian action figures. He particularly favors ARC troopers and has been alongside fellow customizer Wraithnine creating some Republic commando squads. He is very proud of his Clone Wars style Delta and Omega squad from the Republic Commando novels. His work can be found on Imperial Shipyards Custom Figure Forums and on Flickr, as well as featured in his videos from Youtube. He also customizes G.I.Joe figures and posts them on his Flickr photostream and on a G.I.Joe fan website called Joedios. Host of the podcast Custom Action Figure News with Imperial Shipyards administrator Tamer, Lucasclones sheds the light on the hobby we all love.  His show is a must listen!


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