Monday, August 6, 2012

Human Jedi by Elias

I took a cue from Dad's way of doing figures and decided to make a quick action figure so I could play with my toys more this weekend. I just wanted an action figure that I could use to play a story that took place during the Purge of Order 66 instead of spending my entire day creating a more involved custom figure.  So here is a "quick head swap" custom action figure to make a custom Jedi action figure with no name.  This way you aren't ruining any stories if he gets the old Imperial treatment.  I used the head of the new Vintage Tantive IV Rebel Guard and the body of the Luke Skywalker that came in the 3-pack with Qui-Gon Jin and Bultar Swan.  The best part about this custom action figure is that no modification is needed.  Just snap on and snap off.  You could create the figure and use him for as long as you like.  No fodder is needed as long as you have the two figures that I used for parts.  You can even return the pieces back to their orignial owners once you're done playing.

Send us pictures of your no modification custom figures.  Be sure it takes only seconds to make,and we'll add your pictures to this post.  Don't forget to send your name and the recipe you used.

Human Jedi
by Elias