Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"UnDead Nightsister" by Peakob1 Added to My Collection

Although I already have a lot of customs by Star Wars customizer Peakob1, when he asked me if I wanted his latest creation, I jumped at the chance to pick up this incredibly cool UnDead Nightsister that he created.  The detail in the sculpting and the paint applications are just amazing.  I can't wait to get the Target 3-pack that should be hitting stores soon so I can get a proper Dathomir set up going.  Look out Grievous!

UnDead Nightsister
by Peakob1

The world Dathomir holds many dark secrets -- such as ancient incantations that could raise the dead. When the planet was attacked by the Separatists during the Clone Wars, the most ancient and knowledgeable of the Nightsister clan used her power to stir the bodies of the Nightsisters graveyard. From preserved cocoons built to resemble the trees of Dathomir emerged mummified warriors. The shrieking zombies mindlessly attacked their enemies, swarming over battle droids in droves.

Peakob1's Undead Nightsister was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.