Monday, March 25, 2013


Luke Sprywalker, Darth Daddy and Sith_fire30 are in the process of creating a YouTube based show that will have a format with a action figure customizing tournament as the focus.  The show will be utilizing Google+ Hangout, as well as, content created by the contest participants that they will upload to Youtube. The show is to be hosted by none other than famous Fangirl Wookielover1138 of the YouTube cult favorite, Kessel Run Review

The show will have six (6) hand-picked contestants participating in our 1st season.  We are keeping participation limited, because of the demand that is required of contestants on top of providing judges “work in progress” and “finished” pictures of their work. 

Participants will have to be people who really want to challenge themselves.   In our show, participants will be required to document the production of their work by posting their own content with the assistance of a YouTube based account.  These videos should be tutorial videos that educate viewers on the process that the participants used to create their weekly entries.  The Youtube video content will later be used to compliment “Google+ Hangout” content that will be recorded when the contestants and judges interact in a “video chat” together as a group.  In the end, the production team will edit all the recorded video content together into an episode, including the judging of the entries which will be conducted by Luke Sprywalker, Darth Daddy and Sith_fire30.

The show will have 5 challenges over the course of the season and players will compete for points until there is 1 winner named at the end of the last challenge.  The contestants will have 10 days (2 weekends) to create their submission after a new theme is introduced.

The idea is to educate fans of the show in regards to the artistic process involved in custom action figure creation and we're hopeful that through this format the talent on hand will get as much exposure as possible. We are currently in the process of building a website for it as it will be an ongoing project with numerous tournaments taking place. 

We just wanted to put a feeler out there to see who may be interested in participating in an event like this.  We're thinking we may not have very many applicants due to the demand put on the contestants, so that is why we're keeping the number of participants so low.  This number could increase in future seasons depending on the response we get the first go round.  We'd like to get as many seasons out of this as possible. 

All interested parties will have to provide a Youtube link to a video that introduces them to the judges and the audience, as well as, three photos of their best work.

What do you think?  

 How many of you would be interested in participating in a show like this?

Let us know in our comments section.