Saturday, June 15, 2013

CLONE WARS "IONE MARCY" created by Darth Daddy

Dad sculpted this Ione Marcy over the last few days to compliment a Cassie Cryar custom action figure that was created by Peakob1 and has been sitting in my collection for over a year now .  Both figures are from the Clone Wars "Lightsaber Lost" episode and Dad felt that you really can't have one figure without the other since they worked as a team.

Ione Marcy was a female criminal who lived during the Clone Wars. She and Cassie Cryar, her partner-in-crime, engaged in many illegal activities, which included the theft of Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber and the murder of Nack Movers, a Trandoshan assassin. Searching for the stolen lightsaber, Tano and Cosian Jedi MasterTera Sinube, who wanted to help her, interrogated Bannamu, the pickpocket who originally took the lightsber, and discovered he had sold it to Movers. When the Jedi arrived at Mover's apartment, they found Marcy, who hid Cryar in the next room and posed as an innocent bystander. However, Cryar was found by Tano and tried to utilize the lightsaber, but was unable to turn it on, and so escaped through the window, and was chased by Tano through Coruscant. Meanwhile, at the apartment, Sinube, who began to question Marcy's innocence, secretly planted a tracking beacon on her. Upon being accused of the killing and of being the intruder's accomplice by Sinube, Marcy escaped in her airspeeder, and picked up Cryar. The two thieves then made their way to a train station, but were followed there by Tano, Sinube, and police droids, and were arrested.

by Darth Daddy




Cassie Cryar created by Peakob1.

Dad's Ione Marcy was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.