Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Harry Flügge of StarconstruX Customs" added to Customs I Wish I Owned

Lately Facebook has been a great place for us to find Star Wars customizers.  Our latest customizer, Harry Flügge of StarconstruX Customs has been posting some spectacular eye candy lately and we just had to share his latest offerings with all of you.  This customizer from Germany has an OTC focus specializing in Dad's favorite Star Wars scenes...the Cantina and Jabba's Palace.  Harry has been doing his best to fill in all of the unreleased background characters, as well as modifying existing figures to create an incredibly awesone custom collection.  Hope you all enjoy his work as much as we do.  Be sure to click the links at the bottom to see more from this amazing artist!

Harry Flügge of StarconstruX Customs

Check out more of Harry Flügge's Star Wars custom action figures on his Facebook page.

Also be sure to visit his webpage: