Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Diorama Workshop Index Page

Frank Diorio makes it easier to navigate!  The Diorama Workshop is one of the neatest Star Wars Custom Websites on the world wide web and it just got a little cooler with quicker and easier to use index links to put all those cool resources at your fingertips. From Frank, "Once the Index Links Cool Zone link is selected, you have a choice of 10 specific categories to select - Making of, Decals, Blueprints, Comparisons, Frames etc... Then on THAT category page you will find EVERY SINGLE LINK that is onsite for that specific category. So if you LOVE Movie Comparisons, you can now read a list of ALL the photos and click directly on their links to warp to that photo without going into every scene workshop menu. Gimme him your feedback, let him know if you think it was a good idea. Have a great weekend!